Aviv Gavra in nature

The story so far…

“My songs are a way of storytelling. That you can write a song or be inspired about pretty much anything I find compelling” says Aviv. “There is no rhyme or reason to how my songs are created. Reality is multifaceted and can be seen from so many different angles, eyes, and perspectives, it is often bleak, absurd, and the city chaotic and fraught. It is being in that environment every day that inspires me most. I want to mesmerise and free the listener from the present, to elevate their minds into the sonic unraveling”. Asked where she will take her listeners on a journey, she smiles and replies, “Infinity”.

Garth Thomas, Reporter at The Hollywood Digest had this to say about the lead single from her new EP:  “Her cover of Dusty Springfield’s venerable “Spooky” makes a statement. It isn’t just any old cover version, however. Aviv takes over the song with unique and unquestionable authority, playing on the song’s inherent sensuality, and reveling in her updates. They are subtle. It has a much more modern quality in Gavra’s hands than you might expect – anyone betting that she takes an exclusively retro line of attack will be surprised”.

Having originated and moved from the middle east to the West, Aviv Gavra’s world has been influenced culturally by both. Since she was born in Israel to a British mother and an Israeli father, she moved back to the UK around the age of five, where she grew up and identifies as a true Londoner.

Her music was further refined in those years as she continued to study Fine Art in London and then returned to Israel to study theatre arts. Aviv recalls “It was during those years that all of these visual and musical concepts came together to help me shape my music as it is today”. After moving to Israel, she attended private opera training. She performs operatic soprano coloratura with a distinctive high range capacity, depth, and overall tonal range.

When she returned to the UK, Aviv was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music for Opera studies, but she ultimately rejected this offer. She reflects “The genre’s strict discipline limited my scope and interest in music”. It is, however, her formal disciplined vocal training that enriches her voice and distinguishes her Jazz-Fusion sound.

It is this unique style that has led to recent bookings for Aviv’s performances at venues throughout London, including Paper Dress Vintage, Battersea Barge, Bar Solo Camden, Jazz After Dark, Forge and Foundry (Camden), and Servant Jazz Quarters (Dalston).

For the first time, her own intricate and original material has culminated into her latest EP, a tapestry of sound and sci-fi narrative casting the normal into a surreal landscape of dreams or a trip into “INFINITY”. Garth Thomas (The Hollywood Digest) wrote: “The musicianship remains uniformly high throughout Infinity, and this is no exception but what will likely stand out by this point, time after time is Aviv’s voice. It has rare confidence, not just born from the joy of having such a powerful vocal instrument, but from the confidence of knowing exactly how to use it for maximum effect.”

In short, if you are a fan of legendary Jazzy Pop singers like Amy Winehouse, Adele, Duffy, Katie Melua, or Joss Stone, Aviv Gavra is a must-have for any music collection. Her silky tones, her band’s smooth, funky rhythms, and melodies make this single and her new EP the perfect backdrop for an epic night of lounging to some smooth, smoky, intimate, and chilled Jazz’.